Joanne Bernstein Garden Design



“Working with Jo on our garden was a pleasure from start to finish. Her professionalism was exemplary and this was matched with her kind, warm and generous spirit. Her immense knowledge, skill and vision led the project to fruition, but she was always responsive to our opinion and ideas - this made for a strong working relationship. Jo has great professional and personal integrity, she is meticulous in every aspect of her practice and will go the extra mile to ensure that everything is executed properly and to the highest standard. Jo was a great find for us, she designed a beautiful garden and we can't recommend her highly enough.”
Paul & Judith Duke

“We feel extremely fortunate to have found Joanne. We were impressed by Joanne’s enthusiasm throughout the process. She brought our ideas to life and brought new ideas, particularly with regards to the planting scheme, into our garden. She was patient with us, and helped develop our thoughts into the beautiful space we now have. The garden is now an integral part of our lives and our home.”
James Budge & Catriona Reid

“Literally the BEST decision we made whilst doing a full renovation of our our home. Without doubt the MOST impressive consultant/contractor we engaged with (we used a lot). Our garden is better then we could ever have imagined. Inspired design with incredibly thoughtful attention to the details. Always professional and considerate to our thoughts. If your looking for a garden designer - dont look any further (also has v good network of contacts for labor etc etc). 10/10”
Adam Burstein

“It’s a pity there isn’t a sixth star, because that is exactly where Jo belongs on the rating scale. She has turned a boring suburban, grass in the middle, borders down the sides plot into a light, bright, colourful space that will give us endless pleasure for years to come. Stylish, expert, funny, wise.... we couldn’t recommend Jo highly enough.”
Mark Chester

“Joanne is a joy to work with. She delivered on every level, from start to finish. She pushed us beyond our comfort zone a few times on design, material and plants but was proved right each and every time! She had tremendous energy to drive the project to completion - she has exceptional taste, is highly skilled and good company to boot. We recommend her whole heartedly.”
Sinead & Ben Cook

“Joanne helped us transform a modest and conservative London garden into something unusual, beautiful and surprisingly wild. Aside from the design challenges, she had to deal with our nerves (mainly mine regarding the loss of a lawn) and indecision. Despite this she managed to guide us reassuringly and give us the garden we wanted and one we love.”
Larry Seftel

"I have known Joanne for many years mostly as a distinguished curator of modern art. When she became a garden designer I knew that she would be the right person to design our garden, and took the trouble to visit the garden she had designed for herself. Not surprisingly it was beautiful. We were in the middle of a major refurbishment of a large house in Belsize Park with a substantial walled garden. The garden consisted mostly of shrubs with some lovely old roses and lawn but the distinguishing features of the garden, its width and its walls, were hidden. Jo came in and immediately set about revealing the unique qualities of the garden and attending carefully to the relationship of garden to house, redesigning the way in which the stairs down from the raised ground floor met the garden, designing a patio that seemlessly connected with the study on the lower ground floor, and suggesting a lovely porcelain tile that would move from outside to inside without interruption. She then set about structuring the garden into discreet spaces, retaining enough lawn for the grandchildren to run around in, and dividing the spaces by mixed hedging, each area having a different planting theme, but with an overall unity. The garden has three different moments in the growing season with a blend of whites, blues, mauves and pinks. Joanne is very attentive to detail and likes to plant up herself, while sub-contracting the hard landscaping to very reliable contractors. She was very good to work with and has a very good knowledge of plants and an excellent network of experts in various fields. She delivered on time and to the quotation."
Jeremy Lewison